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Mike came to the PAYH in April of 2008 from West Georgia as a 17 year old. He had first experimented with drugs as a 13 year old. Mike, after being charged with theft and burglary, came to the PAYH to turn his life around. Mike came to the PAYH »


Edwin came to the PAYH in January of 2008 from Middle Georgia as a 16 year old. He first experimented with drugs at the age of 15 and this ultimately led to him receiving drug related charges. Edwin became a Christian while in the program and graduated in July of »


Taylor was lost when he came to the PAYH in September of 2011. He was unsure of himself and had learned to retreat within himself to avoid having to confront things he did not like. His time at the PAYH was difficult, but through it Taylor came to understand »


It is so easy to let things get worse and worse once you start.  You get used to this lifestyle, and before you know it, you’re in over your head. My problems really started in middle school.  I just didn’t care about anything.  All I wanted to do was party.  »


Michael came to the PAYH in May of 2007. He had experimented with drugs and had become rebellious. Michael came to the PAYH to turn his life around. While at the PAYH, he renewed his faith as a Christian and was baptized. He graduated in December, 2008 after 19 months »


Drew came to the PAYH in July of 2007 from metro Atlanta as a 17 year old. At the age of 14 he had begun experimenting with drugs which led to charges surrounding trespassing and other issues. His parents sought an alternative to incarceration which led him to the PAYH. »

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