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Nate would wake up each morning and think: “I wish I hadn’t woken up” His life felt empty and hopeless. It was void of anything and he certainly had no hope. He couldn’t imagine anything that could make him happy, not even remotely. The only thing he looked forward »


Zack came to the PAYH as a 16 year old in October of 2006 from Alabama. Zack, like so many teenagers today, became involved with drugs at the age of 13, which in turn impacted all areas of his life. His father, desperately seeking help, turned to the PAYH and »


Thomas came to the PAYH as a 16 year old in February of 2007 from coastal Georgia. He first experimented with drugs as a 13 year old. Thomas’ drug use and behavior led to tension in his family. After an encounter with the authorities, his parents sought placement at the »


Before coming to the PAYH, Jake seemed to be outgoing and adventuresome. But inside, Jake was lost. He was battling addiction and becoming more and more separated from family and friends who loved him. He came to the PAYH in September of 2009. While at the home, Jake was forced »


Patrick came to the PAYH in the fall of 2010 from Savannah, Georgia as an 18 year old.  A tender-hearted young man who began to experiment with drugs and alcohol at the age of 15, Patrick sought approval from friends that were following a similar lifestyle.  As he went down »


Dillon came to the PAYH in February of 2011. He was angry and in need of help. While at the home, he grew to become a young man who could motivate and take care of himself. After graduating in August of 2012, he earned his bachelor’s degree and is currently »

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